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Taff Chauffeurs proudly presents a diverse fleet, meticulously curated to provide opulence, comfort, and performance. Our categories span from the top-tier luxury of the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series to the Business Class featuring the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. For group travel, we offer the spacious Mercedes V-Class, eco-friendly electric cars like the Mercedes-Benz EQE, and the ultimate in luxury with models like the Mercedes Maybach and Rolls Royce in our Luxury Class.

Our deluxe luxury vehicles feature GPS and come with complimentary Wi-Fi. We regularly inspect our fleet to ensure top-notch standards in both security and luxury.

Regular fleet inspections ensure top-notch standards in both security and luxury, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable journey.

  • Available Wi-Fi
  • Spotify Connect, Bluetooth
  • Child seats provided
  • Access to water bottles
  • Availability of hand sanitizers and tissues

Business Class

Mercedes E-Class or similar

Elevated travel with sleek, efficient options tailored for you..

First Class

Mercedes S-Class or similar

Opulent journeys ensuring luxury, style, and comfort throughout.

Business V-Class

Mercedes V-Class or similar

Refined, spacious transport perfect for group travel needs.

Electric Cars

Mercedes Benz or similar

Luxury merges seamlessly with sustainability in modern electric fleet.

Luxury Class

Rolls Royce or similar

Unmatched prestige showcased in our exclusive luxury assortment.

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